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Why such a high temperature on the surface of the heater?

Fabricant Autriche Radiateur Infrarouge basse consommation

DEGXEL heaters are high efficiency far infrared heaters. One of the important components allowing to achieve a very high level of radiation is the surface temperature of the heater. Indeed, the radiation rate is proportional to this temperature. To put it clearly, the higher the surface temperature, the more efficient the heater will be (all things being equal).

Also in theory, our heaters can reach a temperature of 100°C on the surface. In practice, this temperature is closer to 90°C because it depends on the electrical grid (220V to 240V).

Dry heat and wet heat should not be confused. 90°C of contact temperature (dry) has nothing to do with water of 90°C (for example if we soaked our finger in a saucepan).

Of course, the infrared heaters that we offer for sale comply with all standards and laws in force in Europe (see the certificate of conformity below).

Although there have never been “precedents” related to problems with this high temperature, installation precautions should be taken in the following cases:

  • There is nothing to worry about for adults. An adult will put his hand on the surface for 1-2 seconds and will remove it by reflex.
  • For low-age children on the other hand, it is essential to place the heaters out of their reach. Young children do not have the innate reflex to remove their hand when they put it on something hot. In that case, the applicable precautions are the same as for a wood stove, fireplace insert, electric stoves, etc..
  • For people with disabilities, the same rules (as for low-age children) should be applied.
  • In the context of renting, in so far as the nature of the occupants is not known in advance, it is appropriate to place the heaters out of reach of children and clearly state the surface temperature of the heater and that the heater can absolutely not be covered by anything (laundry to be dried, etc).

These precautions are recalled in the user manual delivered with the heater.

In terms of installation, a safety distance of 40 cm in front of the heater and 20 cm laterally must be respected. The aim is both to leave an appropriate space of diffusion for the infrared and to avoid any direct contact with flammable or nonflammable elements (curtains, coats, etc.).

Note that the infrared heater we offer can be positioned without distinction:

  • on the wall (half-way up if necessary, depending on shapes and aesthetics)
  • on the ceiling. To learn more about ceiling installation.

Degxel Heat4all infrared emitters used in our heaters are at the top of current research. Our heaters comply with all european standards (2014/35/EU (LVD), 2014/30/EU (EMC), 2011/65/EU (ROHS), EN 60335-1:2012, EN 60335-2-30:2013, EN 55014-1:2006, EN 55014-2:2015, EN 61000-3-2:2014, EN 61000-3-3:2013) and are certified by the german bodies TUV (n°1111209907) and GS. We benefit from labels “Made in Austria”, “Made in Germany”, ROHS compliant (environmental standards), IP45. Our factories are certified ISO 9001

Fabricant Autriche Radiateur Infrarouge basse consommation

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