You have told us that your heater no longer heats up/not at all or has any other operating problems. The 3 simple steps below are not intended to make things difficult for you, but rather to save you time. The test below is extremely simple and provides an almost immediate diagnosis. If the problem is confirmed, it will be dealt with very quickly.

1) Check if the PROBLEM CONTINUES when the heater is plugged DIRECTLY into an outlet (duration: 3 minutes)

Before returning the heater to the After Sales Service we must ensure the problem is the heater. To ensure this (or at least eliminate many of the other possibilities), the one and only solution is to connect the heater directly to the power supply. The direct connection means that nothing is inserted between the heater and the power cables (no power strips, no receivers, nothing!).

a) If the heater still has its original plug, plug the radiator into any socket. Wait 20 minutes. The surface should be warm to the touch.

b) If the heater no longer has its original plug, follow the simple procedure below (note: any work on the electrical network requires a qualified professional).

Step n°1: turn the power supply off. Place a terminal connector (lustre terminal) or a Wago terminal on each of the 3 wires

Step n°2: Connect the 3 wires of the heater to the 3 wires of the power supply: Neutral (blue), Live (red or brown), Earth (green/yellow), then turn the power supply on.

Position the heater vertically without anything in contact with the façade. Wait for 20 minutes. The surface should be hot to touch. If the heater is still completely cold, repeat this operation on any other power source (socket) (to ensure that the problem does not come from the socket – yes, it happens…).


If the heater starts to heat normally, it means that the problem comes from the thermostat or receiver (or your socket). Here is the procedure to follow in such a case:

2) Connect the HEATER to another power outlet

The line to which the heater is connected may have a problem or may not be suitable.

For example: the power line does not go directly to the switchboard and there are other appliances connected to the same power line, which cause the electrical load to be too high (which could cause the line to break).

For example: the socket in question has a problem.

We therefore ask you to perform the same test on another socket locatedin another room of the house, or even in a remote room. Indeed, the problem may persist if it is still the same power line (but with a different plug). By connecting the heater in another room eliminates this risk (in principle).

Can you confirm the problem persists with this new socket?

3) AFTER-SALES Service

Steps 1 and 2 confirmed that the HEATER DOES NOT WORK when connected directly to 2 different power supplies

We will have to proceed with the return of your heater to the After Sales Service and check it for repair or replacementThis can only be done at the factory.

To start the procedure, please send us back the following PDF document PDF.

>> Download the PDF document and return it signed

With this document you indicate that you have carried out the inspection step which confirms 100% that the heater does not work/no longer works without any other element or accessory being connected between the heater and the power supply. This way we can be 100% sure that the heater will not be returned for nothing. However, please note the following 2 points to ensure maximum transparency:

  • If the heater works once checked by our technicians in our factory, the latter will be automatically returned to you and we will charge you the pick up and redelivery (about £100).
  • We ask you to perfectly protect the heater for transport as it will be returned to you in the same condition as it was received by our technicians (whether it should be returned to you).