Control pack n°1: 1 Radio Controlled Socket + 1 wireless Thermostat – DEGUK-PACK1


Product Code: DEGUK-PACK1

  • Delivery: 10 days



  • 1 Radio Controlled Socket by wireless thermostat. See more : DEGUK-HM-PR
  • 1 Wireless Room Thermostat
  • To control one heater.
  • Connect the heater plug to the front of the radio socket. Place the thermostat where you want it in the room (battery operated). Set the thermostat to the desired temperature. It transmits the on and off commands to the radio socket which starts and stops the heater.
  • It is also possible to program the thermostat according to complementary modes: Auto mode (time slots), Manual mode
    Advantage: Plug and Play.
  • Disadvantage: the wire is partly visible.
  • Made in Germany. CE Standard. ISO9001 V2008.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Manual in English.

See more information about temperature management


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