Mobile Infrared Panel Heater. Personalize it : power, dimensions, finish …



  • Delivery: 20 days

  • 200W, 310W, 350W, 450W, 600W, 780W
  • Heated area up to 4 m², Heated area up to 7 m², Heated area up to 8 m², Heated area up to 10 m², Heated area up to 17 m²
  • 30 cm x 60 cm x 2 cm, 30 cm x 90 cm x 2 cm, 60 cm x 60 cm x 2 cm, 60 cm x 80 cm x 2 cm, 70 cm x 90 cm x 2 cm, 80 cm x 100 cm x 2 cm
  • Square, Vertical Rectangle
  • Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Red, White, Yellow


Description Mobile Electric Infrared Panel Heater 210W (frameless)
Please ask for a quotation with your requirements
Type Your choice : Metal (white) panel, Glass Panel, Picture Panel, Mirror Panel.  Color or Motif 100% personalisable.
Material Surface : ESG Safety Glass (finish matt) or Metal – Rear Panel : Sheet steel, powder-coated
Power Your choice : 210w, 310w, 350w, 450w, 600w, 780w
Heating area Heating from 1 m² to 22 m2 (according to the model selected). Use our online wattage calculator
Technology Far infrared electric heating
Dimensions 30 x 60 cm, 30 x 90 cm, 60 x 60 cm, 60 x 80 cm, 70 x 90 cm, 80 x 100 cm – thickness: 2 cm
Dimensions of the stand Column (height adjustable from 95 cm to 143 cm) with large round cast-iron base (Ø 45 cm, black). Stable ergonomic steel stand for better stability + under-base protection pads.
Weight 7-20 kg (depending on model) + 10 kg (stand)
Installation Fast and easy (only to fix the stand with the basis without tools)
Electrical connection
On standard socket 230V 50/60Hz. Cord length : 3 or 5 meters. To be connected to any switch.
Monitoring system
Optional temperature management system – see options
Warranty 5-years (designed to last 20 years). After sale conducted in the Uk
Maintenance None
Origin 100% made in Austria, distributed in 18 countries
Use Inside heating, all rooms (including bathroom), main heating
Security IP45, class 1, 2 temperature sensors, CE, TÜV, GS, ROHS
Delivery time
20 days
5-8-years-warranty infrared heaters
High Efficiency Stuttgart infrared
  • 2019: an advanced independent study proves our efficiency

DEGXEL infrared heating elected as the most economical solution by the independent engineering firm GENIO.

Compared to heat pumps, underfloor heating, traditional water heaters, convectors, our heaters are the most economical heating solution for a period of 20 years! See the result of the study
  • Certificates

Why choose DEGXEL infrared heating technology?

See the principle of infrared heating. The advantages of heating by infrared radiation are many. The mastery of our infrared technology (based on a unique radiant emitter) combined with an innovative design and high-end materials ensures reliability, low power consumption and durability. Last year we saved about 3300 Megawatts-hours (MW.h) to our customers! The DEGXEL radiators offer a soft and comfortable warmth for a consumption of 50-55 W per m2 (on average). This means that with our radiators you will need less power (to heat the same volume) than with conventional competitor electric heaters (90 to 130 w / m2 most often). We will offer you a 750 W when you use a 1500 W! It is the low consumption.

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These options will be offered after adding your radiator to the shopping cart

  • Temperature Management

Why our radiators do not have a built-in thermostat?

As different clients have different needs and requirements in terms of temperature control, our heating solution is versatile. So, basically, our heaters are not equiped of a built-in thermostat. This choice has many advantages:

  • Advantage n°1 | To obtain an extra flat design radiator. With only 2 cm thick, our radiators are the finest on the market.
  • Advantage n°2 | Our radiators are compatible with all control systems. All our radiators can be controlled by your existing control systems in your home (existing thermostat, centralized control, home automation box, etc.).
  • Advantage n°3 | Our breakdown rate is below 0.5%. Indeed, no built-in thermostat in the heater means no electronic components in contact with the heating element. Read more about DEGXEL heaters.
  • Advantage n°4 | Measure the temperature on the radiator (heat emitter) is no longer suitable. Unlike most conventional radiators, our thermal engineers believe it is best to measure the temperature directly in the room (where you live). Our optional “remote” thermostats work wirelessly (with batteries), you can place them where you want, depending on your ideal comfort point.

Thus, an electric radiator DEGXEL Is equipped with a long electric cable (several meters depending on the model) and an extra flat plug with easy engagement. In the basic version, simply plug the radiator (on any outlet) as a conventional household appliance. Learn more about possibilities of temperature management. DEGXEL Infrared Panels can simply be plugged in and operate without thermostat controller. But they do not have in built controls. So, it is highly recommended to control it with a room thermostat for both reasons of energy efficiency and to optimize comfort levels. You can control your heater by a controller of your choice : wired, wireless thermostat, smarthome device, etc.

  • Control Pack #1: Wireless Room Thermostat

£179 inc.VAT (1 thermostat)


  • Plug and play.
  • Control your mobile heater with the room thermostat.
  • 4 modes : manual, auto, confort, eco
  • Made in Germany. Warranty: 2-years

Read more

  • Smarthome heater control system for mobile heater

£249 inc.VAT (Thermostat works locally or from a distant location over the Internet)


  • Aesthetics (the radio receiver is concealed behind the heater).
  • Thermal comfort (the temperature is measured in the living area and not on the heat emitter). The installation is very simple and quick to perform. The control of the thermostat is immediate.
  • Thermostat works locally or from a distant location over the Internet
  • Remote control (using a smartphone or a tablet) via a free home automation application in English (no monthly fee). Ideal for secondary houses, extended absences, close management.
  • Ultra-fast commissioning with manual in English.

Package contents:

  • 1 Wireless Switch Receiver (in the back of the heater)
  • 1 Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat (battery operated) to be placed where you want it in the room. Learn more about the ideal location for a room thermostat for heaters. 1 Thermostat can control as many heaters as desired in the same area (1 area = 1 room in general).
  • 1 Smarthome Central Automation Unit (for the whole house). It receives the orders transmitted by the smartphone application and collects the temperature of the room thermostats. It retransmits the ON and OFF commands to the receiver of each radiator.
  • Home automation application

Read more

  • Colour Customization option for Glass Heaters DEG-COLORPERS

£60 inc.VAT

This option is only valid for radiators in the tinted glass range. It allows you to order a radiator with the hue of your choice. This is the 100% customizable radiator. After ordering, provide us with the RAL (or CMYK) code of the desired colour. The colour is “printed” via a specific process at the back of the glass panel. The final rendering therefore has a somewhat shiny appearance (that of glass).P.S.: by adding this option to your radiator, the base colour will be replaced by the colour you will communicate to us. This option does not entail any additional delay as our radiators are manufactured to order.

  • Optional Frames

£49 inc.VAT

  • Optional frames will be offered after adding your radiator to the shopping cart



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