Mirror Infrared Heater 310W (horizontal) 90 cm x 30 cm x 2 cm – DEG-MIRROR-004


Product Code: DEG-MIRROR-004

  • Delivery: 15 days

  • 310W
  • Heated area up to 7 m²
  • 30 cm x 90 cm x 2 cm, 90 cm x 30 cm x 2 cm
  • Horizontal rectangle, Vertical Rectangle


Description Electric Mirror Heater 310W (frameless) – Horizontal or Vertical
Material ESG Security Glass Mirror (laminated) – 6 mm
Power Power = Consumption = 310W = approximately £0.3 per day
Heating area
Heating from 4 to 8 m². Use our online wattage calculator
Technology Far infrared electric heating
Dimensions Width: 90 cm x height: 60 cm x thickness: 2 cm
Weight 7.5 kg
Installation Wall-mounted, very simple, system included (see more)
Electrical connection
On standard socket 230V 50/60Hz (see more)
Monitoring system
Optional temperature management system – see options
Warranty 5-years (designed to last 20 years). After sale conducted in the Uk
Maintenance None
Origin 100% made in Austria, distributed in 18 countries
Use Inside heating, all rooms (including bathroom), main heating
Security IP45, class 1, 2 temperature sensors, CE, TÜV, GS, ROHS
Delivery time
15 days
5-8-years-warranty infrared heaters
High Efficiency Stuttgart infrared


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