Foot Rails for freestanding DEGXEL heater (1 pair) – DEG-SUPP


Product Code: DEG-SUPP1

  • Delivery: 15 days



  • Your heater turns into a mobile one. Compose your mobile heater according to your taste by choosing the power and finish of your choice.
  • By choosing this kit (2 support feet) your heater will automatically be delivered with a 6m cable (so no extension needed).
  • This solution is particularly interesting as it allows to stock the heater at the end of the heating season. However, if you change your mind on the way you use your heater, the wall (ceiling) mounting kit is delivered automatically with the heater, so you can still attached the heater to your wall or ceiling anytime in the future.
  • Store your heater after use! Save space!
  • A pair of feet specially designed for your DEGXEL heater to make it free-standing and portable. Installation is as simple as clipping the feet onto the base of DEGXEL heater (2 mn – no previous DIY experience is necessary).
  • Plug your heater into a standard 13A socket and position it however you like to enjoy comfortable far infrared warmth.
  • High-quality vertical stands made of metal, with safety hooks for safety reasons, tightening screws and protective slide-on covers (in order not to damage the heater when you store it).
  • This kit can be used with any of our heaters except 2 vertical heaters: 710W (height:170cm) and 1020W (height:160cm). It should also be noted that when the heater is attached to foot rails for freestanding and it heats, a phenomenon of metal expansion can lead to a slight curvature (about 1-2 cm) on the heater. This element does not affect the quality and is perfectly normal considering the materials used and the temperature of the surface.

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