DISCOUNT CODE -£50 / TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR HEATERS – ADD DEGPHOTO50 CODE to be entered in the discount code area of the basket (from £599 of purchase)


Product Code: DEGPHOTO50

  • – Read the conditions before use –


DEGPHOTO50 – “Win-Win” Deal: take a picture of your DEGXEL heaters and deduct £50

Principle: this operation allows DEGXEL customer to deduct a discount code of £50 upon purchase in exchange of providing pictures of your installation. Attention this offer is valid with a minimum purchase of £599.

The rules are:

  1. During your purchase, add this product file to your basket, then enter (manually) the DEGPHOTO50 code directly in the promotional code case (under the all the products in your basket) and immediately deduct £50 from your order.
  2. When our heaters are installed in real situation in your environment (although under construction or renovation) take 4-5 nice pictures from different angles (view from distance to see a larger picture of the room with the heater as well as closer view of the heater itself). Pay attention to the quality, the pictures must be of sufficient quality to be usable (picture of at least 5 MB = possible with any modern smartphone).
  3. Send us your pictures (preferably via a free large file sending tool as wetransfer in order not to affect the quality) with your name and your appreciation (opinion, quality, etc.). You have one month to provide the pictures.
  4. Follow us on one of our social media – instagram, pinterest


  • If the pictures are not provided, the code does not apply and we are forced to charge you the amount.
  • By using this discount code, you agree with the rules of operation. You authorise us to use your pictures without limitation of scope or time within the framework of our communication.
  • This code is valid only for the purchase of at least one heater in your order (except for the smartdeg range). This code can not be combined with other discount codes and is limited to one use per customer.
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