Control pack n°3: Smarthome heater control system – UKDEG-PACK3


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Control pack n°3 – Smarthome heater control system – DEGUK-PACK3:

  • 1 Wireless Switch Receiver (dimensions Length=53 mm x Width=46 mm x Height=30 mm) to be placed in the electrical socket (from which the facade has been removed) and to be connected to the radiator and the power supply. 1 receiver per radiator.
  • 1 Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat (battery operated) to be placed where you want it in the room.  1 Thermostat can control as many radiators as desired in the same area (1 area = 1 room in general).
  • 1 Smarthome Central Automation Unit (for the whole house). It receives the orders transmitted by the smartphone application and collects the temperature of the room thermostats. It retransmits the ON and OFF commands to the receiver of each heater.
  • If you wish to control other heaters, add 1 receiver per heater to be controlled and 1 thermostat per new room.
  • Made in France. CE Standard. ISO9001 V2008.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Manual in English.


  • Aesthetics (The radio receiver is concealed behind the radiator in the electrical socket = the radiator cable is not visible).
  • Thermal comfort (the temperature is measured in the living area and not on the heat emitter). The installation is very simple and fast to realize. The control of the thermostat is immediate.
  • Remote control (using a smartphone or a tablet) via a free home automation application in English (no monthly fee). Ideal for secondary houses, extended absences, close management…
  • Ultra-fast commissioning with manual in English.


  • Plug the home automation box into your box (orange…) with the supplied cable. Install the home automation application on your smartphone and/or tablet (for IOS or Android).
  • Connect the wireless receiver to the radiator and power supply. Launch detection by the software. Confirm the detection of the thermostat and receiver.
  • Control your heater as you wish: ON/OFF, on time slots, etc.

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