Control pack n° 2: 1 Wireless Receiver + 1 wireless Thermostat – DEGUK-PACK2


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DEGUK-PACK2: 1 Wireless Receiver + 1 wireless Thermostat

  • 1 Wireless Receiver + 1 wireless Thermostat = to control 1 heater. 1 Thermostat can control as many radiators as desired in the same area if you buy the appropriate number of receivers (1 receiver = 1 heater)
  • 1 Wireless Switch Receiver (dimensions l = 51 mm x L = 48 mm x h = 28 mm) to be placed in the electrical socket (from which the facade has been removed) and to be connected to the radiator and the power supply. 1 receiver per heater. See more.
  • 1 Wireless Thermostat (battery operated) to be placed where you want it in the room. Manual mode, Auto mode (time slots), Eco mode, Comfort mode, Frost mode, Boost mode, etc. See more.
Wireless temperature control

Wireless temperature control

  • Set up the initial wireless communication between the receiver and the thermostat in 2 clicks. The control of the thermostat is immediate.
  • Made in Germany. 2-years warranty.

Find out more about temperature management options.



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