Wireless Room Thermostat for Mobile Heater DEGUK-MOB1


Product Code: DEGUK-MOB1

  • Delivery time: same as the selected heater



  • Plug and play.
  • Control your mobile heater with the room thermostat.
  • 4 modes : manual, auto, confort, eco
  • Made in Germany. Warranty: 2-years
  • Only suitable for mobile heaters.

Technical data :

  • To be placed where you want it in the room. The temperature is measured in the living area and not on the heat emitter.
  • The control of the thermostat is immediate. Manual mode, Auto mode (time slots), Eco mode, Comfort mode, Frost mode, Boost mode, etc.
  • Set the desired comfort temperature. The thermostat turns the heater ON. When the temperature is reached, the thermostat sends the order to turn the heater OFF.
  • It is also possible to program the thermostat according to complementary modes: Auto mode (time slots), Eco mode, Comfort mode, Frost mode, Boost mode, etc.
  • 4 operating modes: Auto, Comfort, Eco, Frost protection mode
    • Auto: the room thermostat will change automatically from the Comfort mode to the Eco mode according to the established programming.
    • Comfort: the room thermostat will operate 24 hours a day to achieve the temperature which has been set (e.g. 20°C). Adjustable from 10°C to 30°C.
    • Eco: The room thermostat will operate 24 hours has been set (by default 18°C). Adjustable from Comfort-1 to Comfort -5. Select this mode for short-term absences.

Technical data :

  • Radio transmission range: 15 to 20 meters. Signal emitted every 10 minutes only.
  • 2 regulation modes: PID mode (time proportional and integral) or ON/OFF mode
  • Manual temperature setting range: +5°C à +30°C
  • Radio frequency: 868 Mhz UK/EUROPE compliant
  • Can be fixed to the wall (screw anchors included)
  • Power supply : 2 alkaline 1.5V LR6 batteries
  • Protection rating: IP20
  • Made in Germany. CE Standard. ISO9001 V2008. 2-year warranty.
  • Manual in English.

See more information about temperature management.


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