Colour Customization option for extra flat Heaters DE-COLORPERS



  • Delivery: 20 days




  • This customisation is valid only for the range of extra flat white heaters.
  • The heater is tailor-made with the customised colour of your choice and the rendering is matte.
  • The delivery time for a 100% customisable colour heater is 20 days. This price applies for 1 heater.

What colour for your heater?

  • Provide an official colour code. For example, you can help yourself by using the following site  and give us the code of your required RAL colour in the form of CMYK code (available on the page).
  • We can manufacture the heater to the exact shade of your choice. However, note that for graphic technical reasons our reference will always be an HEX, RVB, or CMYK code and not a RAL code. This means if you provide us with a RAL code, we will convert it to a CMYK code for manufacturing (RAL CMYK transformation is only 95% accurate). If you already know your CMYK/RVB code please provide it straight away. Learn more about custom colour printing.

How to provide us with the desired colour code?

  • If you order on-line: add this option to your cart (as many times as there are heaters to customise). Enter the colour code in the comment box of your order (or send us an email with your order number and colour)
  • or (more simply) send us the colour code by email and make a request for an estimate that will be sent to you within 24h-48h maximum.

Why this customisation price?

  • This amount reflects our costs. All the machines entering the manufacturing process must be calibrated and then manually cleaned every time a new colour is used. Also, it is not a simple painting. The (proven) efficiency of our heaters (classified as the most cost-effective heating solution by an independent firm) is partly based on a high-emissivity powder integrated in the painting. This powder is made to order for each colour.
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