INSTALLATION INFRARED HEATING for the indoor or for sheltered outdoor

Which Infrared Heating System for your needs?

1 | Infrared is changing the way we heat ourselves …

Far Infrared Heaters for interior

  • The infrared heaters for interior heating work on the sun principle. The heater emits infrared waves in all directions.  Infrared heaters do not warm the air but instead use direct heat, warming the walls as well as all bodies and objects within a room. The heat stored withing these walls and the furniture is then re-emitted evenly. All this constitutes a completely natural process, just like when heating with a tile stove or when basking in the sun.
  • When using an infrared heater, people in the room will start to feel warm mere minutes after turning the panels on while the air will not be overheated and thus dried out. Neither will there be any air or dust swirls as the heat is distributed evenly within the room
  • Learn more about infrared heating technology

Infrared Outdoor Heaters

  • These heaters are recommended where instant heat and high power are required.
  • Our DEGXEL Infrared Heaters provide cozy warmth following the principles of nature. Infrared energy directly warms bodies, without significantly warming the surrounding air. Heat is therefore provided exactly where it is needed. Due to the atmospheric permeability, the infrared energy can be sent out to distances of up to four meters with hardly any energy losses while being especially skin-friendly.
  • Our innovative DEGXEL infrared heaters mimic the attributes of the sun’s heat rays in order to provide you with a maximum of comfort and cozy warmth. As our heaters send out heat in the ideal infrared spectrum, their radiation is not only especially comfortable on human skin, but also especially skin-friendly.
  • Energy efficiency, sustainabiliy and innovation play a major part in the design and production of our outdoor heaters.  DEGXEL outdoor range use wheather-resistant components according to the VDE standard as well as non-corrosive aluminum.
  • Our heaters are especially well-suited to be used in roofed outdoor areas. They may even be used on beaches and in coastal environments.
  • For indoor and sheltered outdoor areas our zero light heaters are the perfect choice. Some potential fields of application are …
    • Roofed outdoor areas,
    • Gastronomically used outdoor areas
    • Old buildings
    • Pergolas
    • Heritage and historic buildings
    • Work places
    • Winter garden
    • Wellness and spa areas
    • Terraces
    • Event locations
    • Balconies and porches
    • Smoking areas
    • Stables
    • and many more…

As you will have understood, every application is unique, whether it is a indoor or outdoor heating.

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2 | DEGXEL: the origin of the design, manufacturing and materials is guaranteed

Our infrared heaters are 100% made in Austria and Germany with materials and components exclusively from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. All Degxel outdoor heaters are designed, engineered, and are constructed from premium materials to create products that strike the perfect balance between performance, reliability and beauty. Learn more about our manufacturing.

# Our advice: make sure that the manufacture of your infrared heater is German, Austrian or Russian (there is no general French manufacturer for now). Asian import heaters have a very low infrared emission rate even very very low (sometimes only 10% of radiation – 90% of convection). Recently some Asian import companies imply that their heaters come from Austria or Germany while these are simple transit warehouses. A single benchmark : The certification logo “Made in Austria” or “Made in Germany”.

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