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Important foreword on power/consumption

DEGXEL has been working in the low consumption field for years. So, let’s talk real! Some unscrupulous distributors let consumers know that the higher the power of a radiator, the better. This is totally false and absurd. The legislation requires that a nameplate be placed on all electrical appliances. Also, a radiator (just like a vacuum cleaner) is characterized by its electric power. This corresponds exactly to your consumption during a given period of use.

Power consumption in £ per day = Energy price (in KiloWattHour) x Power of the unit (in KiloWatts) x Number of hours of use

Unfortunately, this indicator provides no information on the efficiency of the heat emitter (radiator). Thus, the consumer has some difficulties in understanding that a 780W DEGXEL infrared electric heater can heat a room from 13 to 22 m2 with a better comfort than a traditional 2000W radiator.

The explanatory elements are simple:

  • Ask any electrician around you, he will confirm that in the UK, the estimate of the power is based on one criterion: 100 Watts per m2 (for a standard height of 2.50 meters). Example: a room of 11 m2 will require an electric radiator of 1100 Watts.  As old habits die hard, one will easily place a classic radiator of 1500 Watts (or even more!). If this radiator is of medium range and it is not equipped with radiation at least for a part of its heat emission, the phenomenon of convection will be major. As a result, comfort will not be there and you will tend to overheat to compensate.  In conclusion, you will consume 1500 watts for a long time.
  • For the same room (same conditions) DEGXEL will propose a radiator of 600 Watts which will be perfectly dimensioned. The heater’s radiation will reach all areas of the room (if properly positioned). Your consumption will never exceed 600 Watts, a gain of at least 40 to 50% in terms of consumption. Considering the price of Kwh in the UK, your investment is (in most of cases) amortized in less than 2 years with a much higher thermal comfort.
  • In conclusion: on one hand the power requirements have a great influence on the final consumption, on the other hand our ability to offer you a wide range of low power radiators (210 W to 1020 W) helps you not to oversize unnecessarily.

Tip: use our online and immediate power calculator software

The DEGXEL infrared radiators use the far infrared thermal radiation technology. Our technology allows you to achieve your heating projects with a power requirement from 60 to 65 Watts per m2 (on average). Note that conventional convectors consume about 100-130 Watts per m2 to heat the same surface and that conventional radiators (including top of the range) consume between 90 and 100 Watts per m2.

What you will pay with DEGXEL radiators

The following table shows the consumption of DEGXEL heaters with the following assumptions: apartment in London of 100 m2, very good level of insulation-orientation, to maintain the temperature of comfort already reached with £0.18 Exc.VAT / kwh (average off-peak hours) with a comfort temperature of 20°C.

POWER DEGXEL Heater Dimensions of DEGXEL Radiator Heating Surface Daily Consumption
210W 30 x 60 x 2 cm heated area from 3 to 6 m2 £0.2 per day
310W 30 x 90 x 2 cm heated area from 4 to 8 m2 £0.3 per day
350W 60 x 60 x 2 cm heated area from 6 to 11 m2 £0.33 per day
450W 60 x 80 x 2 cm heated area from 7 to 13 m2 £0.4 per day
600W 70 x 90 x 2 cm heated area from 11 to 18 m2 £0.5 per day
710W 40 x 170 x 2 cm heated area from 12 to 20 m2 £0.65 per day
780W 80 x 100 x 2 cm heated area from 13 to 22 m2 £0.75 per day
1000W 80 x 120 x 2 cm heated area from 17 to 29 m2 £0.95 per day
1020W 60 x 160 x 2 cm heated area from 18 to 30 m2 £0.95 per day

Your consumption / Example: room of 10 m2 => average standard conditions (60 Watts per m2, or 600 Watts) => 600W DEGXEL heater => Consumption = £0.5 per day

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