A technique of installation simplified to the extreme

pose radiateurs DEGXEL

A DEGXEL radiator is wall mounted in less than 15 minutes by a non-professional

fixation radiateur mur

fixation au mur radiateur électrique

The wall mounting of our radiators is very simple. The installation kit consisting of 2 wall plates (2 cm thick) and a set of screw anchors is delivered in the package of the radiator. Using a bubble level align the 2 wall plates with respect to the gauge indicated in the manual (in English). Draw the drill points. Drill and insert the screw anchors. Tighten the screws on the plates and hang the radiator like a painting. Slide the two aluminium studs/pads (located on the back of the radiator) into the plates situated on the wall. Unscrew by hand the 4 knobs on the periphery of the radiator. The radiator is blocked and cannot be detached (single system)!

Easy installation: you will notice that it is easier to align correctly 2 points than to align 4 points (as for most of the mounting kits of the market)!

Find out more about the electrical connection. If you would like to be contacted by a professional, please contact us.

Location: what are the constraints to fulfil?

emplacement idéal radiateur à chauffage par infrarouge

The first essential step is to estimate correctly the power requirements of your room (you can get help from our online calculator or contact our customer service). Whether you need one or more radiators, the positioning logic will be the same. To optimize your comfort and consumption, you must position the radiator on a location that meets the following 2 constraints:

  • a sufficiently clear location to allow the radiator to radiate in all directions at 180° (angle). Avoid any solid object (wardrobe, etc.) that might block the “spreading of the infrared” within 40 cm from the radiator. Of course, all living spaces have constraints. Avoid only the biggest mistake that would be to “isolate” an entire area of ​​the room because of an object or wall that would block the radiation towards that direction.
  • a location positioned in such a way that the whole volume of the room is reached by the radiation (its range is about 4-5 meters maximum with our advanced technology). In terms of height, the ideal location is halfway up. If your radiator is “slender” (e.g. 60 cm wide and 160 cm high vertically) it can be placed at 25 cm from the floor. The range of radiation will always be sufficient to reach all areas from floor to ceiling. If you need to place several radiators in the same room, make sure that each one will “scan” a part of the room, if possible with a covering. No area should be forgotten.

If you need assistance with the positioning of our radiators in a specific framework (children nearby, etc.) and if you would like to be contacted by a technician, please contact us.

Traditional wall installation or ceiling installation?

The DEGXEL radiators are certified by the German TUV to be installed both on the wall and on the ceiling. The kit supplied with the radiator works in both cases.

The ceiling mounting which was once minority is now gaining notoriety. Indeed, it makes it possible to perfectly centre the radiator on the living area due to (generally) a greater flexibility in the positioning (no furniture, partitions, etc.). Our white extra flat (2 cm)  radiators blend harmoniously into modern interiors.

Rules for placing your radiator on the ceiling:

  • If the floor-to-ceiling height is at least 2.8 meters, to respect your comfort.
  • If the floor-to-ceiling height does not exceed 4 meters (beyond the radiator’s range it is no longer sufficient to reach all the zones of the room).
  • You can place the radiator on a sloping ceiling.
  • Avoid placing the radiator exactly over an area where you sit for long periods (sofa). In all cases respect the distance of at least 2.8 meters.
  • Be sure to follow the installation steps (especially the last one which blocks the radiator against its support).

Installation in the bathroom?

radiateur electrique salle de bain

Mirror heater in a bathroom

The DEGXEL radiators are certified by the German TUV to be installed in bathrooms. All our electric radiators are radiators Class 1 and IP45. They should be placed in the Volume 3 of the bathrooms or shower rooms.

All DEGXEL radiators (heated mirror, glass or painted metal radiator, panel radiator) are convertible into towel dryer by the addition of the “towel dryer rail kit”.




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