Important preamble

Do you want to order a heater with a custom color printed (RAL) on a glass heater or a picture heater? This page is for you.

You have a particular RAL in your mind and you want to get the same color on your DEGXEL heater as the one you have on the wall of your bathroom?

As we are professionals and we care about your satisfaction above all, we believe that you need to know some essential notions before you decide.

For all the reasons mentioned in this page (and which we ask you to read), our liability will always be limited to produce a heater with a CMYK color of your choice. We can not in any way be held responsible for a color that does not suit you or does not approach enough the color of your wall for instance. Our heaters are manufactured on order. They therefore fall within the scope of customized products which are not entitled to order cancellation or return. Therefore in order to trigger the production of your heater, we ask you to send us an email with mention “Good for production”.

Why can we not rely on the RAL to make your color?

Often customers send us a RAL code as the paint manufacturers rely on this codification. As you can see it easily by yourself by searching on google images (for example), there are almost as many shades of colors as there are paint manufacturers for the same RAL! See the example of RAL7015 below:

The RAL is very far from being universal! If we produced on those basis, we would be almost certain to disappoint you.

That’s the reason why we ask you to provide the CMYK code corresponding to the desired color. This part is detailed below.

fixation radiateur mur

Why can we not rely on one of your pictures to make your color?

You provide us a picture of your wall, why can we not produce on this basis?

The visualization of a picture is totally subjective due to the screen on which it will be consulted. Depending on the nature, size, resolution, screen technology, you will get variable nuances and shades. And of course add to all mentioned above the level of brightness, reflections and shadows at the moment when the picture is taken.

So, you understand that only a reference value (CMYK code) will allow us “to speak the same language”.

Why the same color will look different on your wall and on your heater?

The color variations are sometimes subject to controversy.

Indeed, by nature, 2 materials will restore the light differently (from a physical point of view). Also, you will never get the same rendering with the exactly same color on a wall and on a heater (for example).

Of course the notions of rendering (matt, satin or glossy) amplify this phenomenon, itself accentuated by the nature of light (natural, artificial, direct, indirect, intensity, etc…).

How to determine and provide the color in CMYK code?

Case 1) Your color exists on a picture:

Open the image or photo in a graphic program like Photoshop.

Using the “eyedropper” tool click in the middle of the picture.

Then click on the first square of the toolbar (on the left). A color chart appears.

Note the numbers for each CMYK code.

Send us this value.

fixation radiateur murfixation radiateur mur

Case 2) Your color comes from a manufacturer code (e.g. a paint manufacturer):

  • ask the manufacturer for the CMYK code of that color
  • take a picture of your wall (see case 1).