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Research and development 100% Made in Austria. Although a small country in size, Austria is one of the top 3 countries in terms of purchasing power. Austrian standards are synonymous with high quality and excellence in many fields. ?
Manufacturing Means of industrial production of our radiators 100% in Austria. ?
Distribution Our radiators are distributed in 18 countries in Europe. Other continents in development. Leader in infrared heating. ?
Efficiency Our radiators are known to be among the least energy-consuming electric heaters at the European level (Study of the University of Stuttgart in 2016). No need to oversize: use our online calculator software.

Year after year, as a major European player in the residential heating by infrared, we are helping to improve a technology that plays a major role in supporting renewable energies. With average consumptions of around 55 Watts per m2, we already reduce your bills by 30 to 60%.

Reliability of use
Because of our rigorous manufacturing processes, the choice of the best materials and the lack of electronics in our radiators, our rate of failure is negligible (for a long time). ?
Safety use
From our unique attachment system (anti-unhooking), through the anti-overheating sensors, and in compliance with the most strict international standards, everything is designed so that the user experience can be done in absolute security. During and after the warranty period… ?
Customization Our radiators are almost 100% customizable considering the wide choice of shapes, dimensions, powers, finishes, control solutions. ?
Best for your health Our radiators offer healthy and homogeneous heat without burning dust (in contact with the heating element) or stirring it by convection. The air is not dry. Use our radiators safely for your health. ?
Maintenance Free
No maintenance required. No maintenance. Take this into account in your return on investment calculation. ?
Modern and compatible
Our heaters are on/off appliances. Which make them compatible with all control system (wired, wireless, home automotion, etc..) ?
Customer service Contact our customer service “Direct manufacturerin your language. Our responsiveness is great, we master our products. Nothing replaces the advice of a specialist. ?
Installation, Moving An installation and attachment system is integrated in the package and within the reach of everyone. Anti-unhooking system. A system of installation and fixing integrated in the package and within reach of all. Anti-unhooking system.

Are you moving?  Unhook your radiator like a picture! Take it away in a few seconds!


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4 Important Tips Before Buying an Infrared Electric Radiator:

1 | leading brand recognized in its field

Distributed in 18 countries our radiators are sign of reliability. More than 6500 customers. Discover some testimonials

2 | Make sure that you know the exact origin of the manufacturer’s country

For many years Austria has been a world leader in infrared heating. As a result, import companies (mostly Asian) are installing warehouses in Austria to raise doubts in the minds of consumers about the origin of radiators. The nameplate of the device located at the back attests the country of manufacture and the obtaining of the CE standard. Our radiators guarantee you the efficiency in consumption and the safety in use.

3 | Ask to be advised before your purchase

Nothing will ever replace the advice of proven professionals. Despite the availability of our online power calculator software, questions may still exist. For example, there is no need to oversize the power requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

4 | Be aware of poor quality infrared radiators

This exercise is particularly difficult for the consumer. Indeed, at first glance, nothing looks more like a radiant infrared radiator than another infrared radiator! The following rules help you locate the quality:

  • Limit heating flow from the rear of the radiator at all costs to optimize the heating efficiency. Only radiators with a specific high-density material can limit the heating flow towards the wall on which the radiator is attached. The aim being to return the radiation to the front of the device. Only radiators with a “housing” containing specific insulation are efficient. A simple way to sort is to ask for the weight of the radiator. The radiators which are too light (see our products sheets) have a simple aluminium film with no efficiency. This drastically reduces the performance of your radiator.
  • The radiant material must not be a simple carbon film. This material sold per meter and inserted into the low-end radiators has an ultra-limited efficiency (sometimes only 10% infrared is emitted – so there is 90% convection). These are the so-called “radiant” radiators that are found on the shelf, in mass retail. The efficiency is then comparable to that of the old “toasters”. We use an alloy of copper and nickel whose properties enable to obtain a rapid and homogeneous diffusion of the temperature within the range of approximately 4 meters. These distances are impossible to reach with heating films. At 72%, the radiation rate of our radiators is at the European top. It has been calculated by an independent study of the University of Stuttgart (Germany) in 2019. If a manufacturer claims to produce a higher radiation rate, ask for the study that proves it. For information, the average rates currently on the market are of the order of 40 to 50%.
  • It has always been easy to affirm the effectiveness of a product. But to prove it, that’s a different story… In 2019, the DEGXEL heaters were classified (by an independent engineering firm) the most economical heating solution over a period of 20 years. See the low consumption infrared heater.
  • The surface temperature. The radiation power per unit area (emittance) being proportional to the square of the surface temperature, it is demonstrated that only radiators with a surface temperature of the order of 90° C have maximum and optimum efficiency. Reducing the temperature to 60° C irremediably reduces the efficiency of the radiator. Our radiators comply with all the most restrictive European standards and are safe, provided they are used as radiators.
  • Only manufacturers can supply you with highly customized products. Our radiators are made to order and custom-built, within a deadline of up to 2 weeks. This guarantees a product that is 100% compliant with the latest standards in effect (and not for the distributors shelves…).
infrared heater insulation

5 | Very low electromagnetic emissions

Nowadays electromagnetic pollution is everywhere (mobile phone relay antennas, so-called radio transmitters, power lines, PLC, etc.). This is why, as a manufacturer, we must limit it as much as possible. Tests carried out on our heaters show that electromagnetic pollution is very low.

Degxel heaters very low electromagnetic pollution
The measurement of electromagnetic pollution of a 1000W DEGXEL infrared heater (the most powerful of our range) with a detector of electromagnetic fields and microwave frequencies Esmogtec ESI24 (16Hz-3kHz, 50MHz-10GHz). Real test carried out in a physiotherapy practice in Nantes (France). Magnetic (1 out of 6 max), Electric (1 out of 6 max).
Degxel heaters very low electromagnetic pollution

Certificate of conformity that certifies compliance with current regulations concerning electromagnetic pollution in EUROPE.

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