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What kind of picture can we print on your heater?


We have been specializing in customizable heaters for years through our range of “Picture Heaters”. Therefore we master perfectly this technique which is more complex than it appears (quality, precision and durability of the picture).

What are your choices of decor (pictures):

  • Identify the power of your desired heater. Choose from existing decors of our database (which has been evolving year after year). See the picture heaters.
  • Buy a decor of your choice in a picture database on the internet. Nowadays there is no lack for high definition picture database on the internet. These ones contain millions of images. You will probably find the picture of your dreams. Type “palm” and discover all “palm tree” decorations for your heater. Without any limitation, you can search on: 123rf, istock, pixabay, shutterstock, artothek (major artists decorations), etc. You just need to identify an image which proportions are similar to the ones of the chosen heater. Send us the simulation available online (without buying it) or the link to the concerned website (with the picture ID).
  • Provide us with your personal picture (taken by an amateur photographer but skillful). The following section will inform you about the technical conditions appropriate to the picture.

In conclusion: we can print anything as long as the selected picture meets our quality criteria.

These criteria are safeguards allowing us to ensure a perfect printing in all circumstances.

Technical specifications of the picture to be printed

Important! The following criteria are provided for the exclusive purpose of informing “globally” the customers about the constraints of the pictures to provide. However, it is very important to understand that we don’t want to transform you in a picture technician nor to scare you with too much technical elements.

The best solution is to send us your picture through a large file sending system (like wetransfer for free) to We will validate your picture within 48h. Just remember we refuse about 50% of personal images offered by the customers. As for the images from online image database those are retained at 98%.

For skillful amateurs, here are some technical criteria to be respected. Do not take these criteria as definitive as we regularly accept images that do not meet these criteria (criteria combinations not shown here).

The picture you’ll provide will probably be enlarged because it will not match the final size of the heater (imagine a heater of 80 cm by 120 cm). It must therefore have a sufficient resolution.

  • The picture format: jpeg, tiff, png, psd, eps, vectoriel, etc… Whatever. Our designers will interpret the format provided.
  • The definition corresponds to the number of pixels constituting the picture, that is the number of columns by the number of rows (eg: 4000 x 3000 pixels).
  • The resolution determines the clarity and sharpness of the printed picture. This point is very important. It determines the number of pixels (or dots) per unit of the dimension. Expressed otherwise, the resolution is the ratio between the number of pixels of the picture and the actual size on which it will be printed.
    that one must be of 300 dpi (pixels per inches) to print on our heaters. Or 300 columns and 300 rows of pixels per inch.
  • The picture’s size is very variable. We advise you not to give too much importance. However, do not provide pictures smaller than 3 MB.
    Practical case: Which format provide in order to print a picture on a 210W heater (width 30 cm x length 60 cm) with a resolution of 300 dpi?

Practical case: Which format provide in order to print a picture on a 210W heater (width 30 cm x length 60 cm) with a resolution of 300 dpi?

  • resolution = 300 dpi and picture of 30 cm (width) x 60 cm (length)
  • what is the format in pixels ? => number of pixels ? = 300 x (30/2.54) = 3543 pixels width
  • what is the format in pixels ? => number of pixels ? = 300 x (60/2.54) = 7086 pixels length
  • you must provide us with a picture resolution of: 3543 x 7086 pixels (in practice smaller sizes are accepted).

For any question, do not hesitate to contact our technical department.

Interpret the simulation that we send you

Following receipt of your picture, our technical department will accept or refuse your picture.

If the picture is accepted, we will perform a graphical simulation in order to inform you of the result before final order.

If you like the simulation, your simple “good for production” or payment validate the order and the reproduction on the heater.

Sometimes (often), the picture provided does not match 100% the format of the heater. Also, the simulation provided will inform you about the parts of the original picture that won’t be printed (except if you want to distort the original picture which is rarely desirable).

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