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From the regional electrician to the multinational companies, our presence on the international market is increasing year by year. See the independent study of the engineering firm classifying us as the most economical solution across all heating solutions.

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degxel customers' reviews

degxel customers’ reviews

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Rather than highlighting the quality of the delivery, the respect of the order deadlines or the availability of our customer service, for the sake of clarity, we give the floor to a few private customers (last year) with the aim to highlight the qualities of our radiators under real conditions of use.



Customer Testimony Rating
Verified Purchase Mr. Hamid «We are very satisfied. 10 of 10.»
Verified Purchase Mr. Carton «HIGHLY SATISFIED. For the moment, no problem. Easy to use and simple to set up. I will even recommend another to install in a room.»
Verified Purchase Ms. Loree «Know that I am very satisfied with your radiators»
Verified Purchase Mr. Vergne «Deadline respected. Finish meets my expectations»
Verified Purchase Ms. Morin «Super finish. I love the idea! I thoroughly recommend it»
Verified Purchase Mr.Catchpool «I am very happy with my radiators. Rating 10/10 thanks»
Verified Purchase Ms. Odile «We bought and placed a “DEGXEL” radiator. We are happy to have made this purchase. The ease of assembly, the soft heat and the design have conquered us.»
Verified Purchase Mr. Triest «We bought a DEGXEL radiator with a thermostat on plug and are very satisfied. We use it in addition to a wood stove in the kitchen and it ensures a constant temperature when the stove goes out. Thus, the room remains temperate in the morning and in case of absence. It consumes little and the thermostat set to only 17° is enough to give a feeling of soft heat… We intend to buy 3 more for the living room and a work room. Score 9/10»
Verified Purchase Mr. Dernoncourt «Very satisfied for now with our radiator. Let’s hope it lasts. For the satisfaction score, we are at 9/10»
Verified Purchase Mr. Julien «For the past year I have owned four radiators with 120×80 panels and two 160×60 mirrors.
In terms of decoration it is bluffing and all my friends are surprised. In terms of heat one feels warmth at 4 meters and it diffuses well in the room, nothing negative. As for the consumption, I only made one winter and I do not have any in the rooms, so I cannot judge yet. I will put a 10 in aesthetics as well as in its design compared to other brands that I wanted to try. But my choice was quickly focused on DEGXEL. Retired 70 years »
Verified Purchase Mr. Brunner «Great but why not offer customized radiators for all sizes? »
Verified Purchase Mr. Fournet «I am very satisfied with this device, it is aesthetic, efficient. The existing heating control is of the centralized type, with Honeywell’s high-end wireless thermostats. This corresponds to the use of this type of panel. The thermal comfort obtained is very satisfactory. Score 9/10.»
Verified Purchase Mr. Delormes «After 1 winter of use, nothing to say, top notch»
Verified Purchase Mr. Bardois «Excellent commercial relationship when buying… chosen for its operating principle and its aesthetics. 10 for now. With these rigorous temperatures, we can only praise the performance of your device on all levels.»
Verified Purchase Ms. Gruber «We were looking for a low-energy solution to replace our boiler. In the meantime, we found your radiators. The customer service was super competent. The radiators are super nice and the comfort impeccable. We are very pleased with our decision.»
Verified Purchase Dr. Haslinger «I work for KPMG who uses your panel radiators to heat common areas and reception. The reception’s radiator is printed with our logo and common areas with Kandinsky scenery. We love the visual aspect and we highly appreciate the performance and the associated costs. We recommend these radiators»
Verified Purchase Mr. Perne «Finally, the comfort I expected»
Verified Purchase Mr.  Brinkmeyer «I am very satisfied with the small radiator that I installed in our local WC 18 months ago. White, thin and discreet, it harmonizes well with white earthenware and the thermostat is easy to adjust. I have several compliments from our visitors, and I have given your coordinates to those interested. So, I’ll give you the 10/10 rating!»
Verified Purchase Ms. Heim «Gorgeous. Meets my expectations.»
Verified Purchase Mr. Hofer «I’ve always been looking for an efficient solution to heat my rooms. I finally found your radiators. I love the concept. We have been using white radiators since September 2013. We are very satisfied and can confirm the benefits of your infrared panels. We recommend them.»
Verified Purchase Mr. Hanslauer «I have been using your radiators for 1 year. Apart from the fact that they do not require any maintenance, I particularly appreciate the low consumption and the incredible design. In summary, your radiators are top products that I appreciate in all their aspects.»
Verified Purchase Mr. Villiere «I am very satisfied »

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