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Main advantages of the infrared heating according to DEGXEL

infrared savings

1 | Much cheaper than conventional electric heaters (from -30% to -60% decrease in consumption). See the principle of the infrared heating technology. See why the DEGXEL technology. Evaluate your consumption with our radiators. Even more economical if you have a high ceiling.

2 | It is the very principle of the infrared radiation that ensures the homogeneous heat from floor to ceiling (for indoor radiators). It is an essential component of the thermal comfort. See why?

3 | The heat is felt as pleasant and soft to the image of a wood stove (with the temperature control in addition!).

4 |  Heat is much healthier than with convection heating. Indeed, the air displacement is much more limited. The dust is not burned and then conveyed into the air, as in contact with a convector. Also, the air can be refreshed (open the windows for 5 min) without losing all the benefit of heating because the energy is stored in the structure of the building (wall, floor, ceiling, etc.) and not only in the air. Finally, infrared regulates the humidity level of the air without drying it out. Infrared heating is therefore recommended for people with allergies or asthma.

5 | Almost an instantaneous rise in temperature of the heater. Heats a room much faster than for the central heating (heat loss during distribution) or convection heaters.

6 | An environmentally friendly heating because without emission of CO2 and very low consumption. In Austria 50% of the energy is already of renewable origin. Our Austrian radiators are perfectly combined with a solar or wind energy solution.

7 |  As with all electric heaters you avoid a centralized system (boiler) and / or a fuel storage (wood, etc.). Also, our radiators free up living space (which is so ​​precious) because of their excellent power ratio emitted by the radiator’s surface (compactness) and of the possibility of placing them on the wall (like a painting) or on the ceiling.

8 | Compact far infrared (indoor) heating technology allows many possibilities from the personalization point of view: from the mirror heaters, through the art picture heaters, or simply the white or glass heaters

9 | A silent heating system (no noise… think of the heat pumps…).

10 |  Ultra-fast and simple installation with our unique attachment system (security + simplicity): only 2 points to be aligned instead of 4.

11 | You no longer need annual maintenance and servicing. Our radiators require no maintenance throughout their service life (no boiler maintenance or chimney cleaning)!

12 |  Intelligent control according to your needs. Wide range of control and temperature management solutions (wired, wireless, local, internet, mixed, etc.). See Comfort temperature control.


13 | Do you move? Take your radiator with you in just a few clicks! It will still work for many years in your new home!

14 | Ensuring safe operation for many years: built-in anti-overheat sensors with automatic cut-off, no unhooking of the radiator from its support (for example on the ceiling).

15 | Means of production on a European scale with a permanent R & D.


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