DEGXEL UK Profesional Infrared Low Energy Heating Solution directly from the manufacturer

DEGXEL electric heaters are distributed in 18 countries in Europe in direct sale via our online manufacturer shops. They are entirely manufactured in Austria or Germany. The finest materials and the latest manufacturing methods guarantee (for a long time) the efficiency, reliability and safety. DEGXEL heaters adapt to all customer requirements thanks to customizable finishes (glass, decor, metal, mirror, etc.), a wide range of power options and optional accessories.


Origin of manufacture 100% guaranteed. Do not leave anything to chance in your heating …

our heaters ranked #1

our heaters ranked #1

Following an independent study on behalf of a multinational building corporation, our heaters are classified as the most economical heating solution. To know more.

Extra flat

Extra thin radiators: 2 cm thick to discretely integrate your accommodation.

Very low consumption

Save 30 to 60% on your electricity bill with DEGXEL heaters!

Soft and homogeneous

Forget about the 17° C on the floor and 26° C on the ceiling. The heat is homogeneous from floor to ceiling to guarantee a soft and enveloping warmth.


The Infrared heating does not brew air unlike conventional electric convectors. Allergens are less conveyed.

High Reliability
No breakdown!

We guarantee an exceptional reliability and total absence of maintenance.

Austrian Standards

Choose the best materials and the best processes for your electric heaters.

5 years warranty

Heaters guaranteed 5 years (extension to 8 years possible) and designed to last… very long!


Our advanced technology makes it possible to create design radiators. Our ”picture” radiators (in particular) exceed the competition due to their precise and realistic finish.

Highly customizable

Customize size, shape, power, finish, material, colour, decor, temperature management, installation…

Distributed in
18 countries in Europe

fabricant radiateur electrique europe

Our infrared heaters have been tested (for many years) in the most varied environments … from the high mountain chalet to a Haussmannian apartment.

of the environment

Reduce your consumption with a latest generation heating is making a gesture for the planet.

Very fast
temperature rise

Our heaters are designed to give you optimum comfort by minimizing the time required for heating.

Very easy
to install

The installation of our heaters is marked by manuals for a simple and fast commissioning.


Our heaters are ultra-compact as compared to the power they restore. By positioning them on the wall or on the ceiling, you save valuable space!